The Movement Of The Indian Ocean

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All throughout the blue currents of the Indian Ocean, in which this body of water, over time filled with migrating people such as sailors, religious leaders, and traders. The movement of people infused the area with differing beliefs, ideas, and goods by contributing to the expansion of Eurasia and Africa. As the level of trade, innovations, and division of labor grew so did the level of globalization took place in this area of the world. The ways in which this land mass became so integrated with the level of interconnectivity, was the rate in which services and goods traveled. All these different aspects especially economically, help expand Africa and Eurasia to become a world power. The fundamental part of becoming a world power comes …show more content…

The neighboring regions developments had such a defining component with the start of Eurasian and Africa to what it is today. Not only did other civilizations influence this region 's dominant power in the world, another major factor was the cycle of economic stability. When landmasses have a great financial standing, they experience a rate of growth of agriculture, innovation of technology, and increased capital would be present. All these elements could decipher if a society will rise or fall. A determining circumstance if a region will be successful is where it will settle, and if agriculture is prevalent in that area. For instance, all over Asia started to introduce many different farm technologies such as the dikes, conservation, and irrigation systems which led to a large population. As all these influences started to unwind, so did the specialization of labor, which helped to create technological innovations in the ways of production, transportation, and trade. The use of these technologies created social complexity within the territories itself; which showed the gap between the rich and poor. The emergence of new religions disburse through these areas, making new laws and foundations for these people. The growth of these religions deeply impacted the political institutions. All these different innovations and help to build these area of Africa and Eurasia into an advanced global society, a world power. As a state becomes more of a

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