The Movie Commodus Vs The Movie Gladiator

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When we begin to compare the real Commodus vs the movie Commodus most movies especially the movie ‘Gladiator’ We see how Emperor Commodus is portrayed as this unstable and neurotic sadist who took the life of his own father to obtain the throne of the Roman empire. Scholars say however real history has no real concrete proof that Commodus, while he was most definingly unstable killed his father Marcus Aurelius. Commodus was in fact made a co-emperor at the early age of 5. In the beginning of the movie the battle scene was true it showed how faithfully the Roman Army fought and is actually celebrated onto the famous columns dedicated to Marcus Aurelius in Rome However, the sexual relations he had with his sibling is according to the contemporaries and scholars true, but it was not with the sister Lucilla as portrayed in the movie, but with another sister. Lucilla also according to scholars did plot to have her brother killed, which is a very similar between the movie and real history. Once Commodus did find out about the plot, he exiled her and later had her executed along with his wife Crispina who was not shown in the movie. In real life, Lucilla was of course executed, she ends up outliving her brother in the film. One thing that stands out when it comes to the movie vs real is that in the movie the length of time that Commodus was in power in the film Gladiator certainly does not reflect reality. The fact is he ruled for 12 years following his father’s death.

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