The Movie Inequality For All

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The film Inequality for All really opened my eyes to a huge and growing problem in the United States, and that is inequality. Our country functions best when it has a healthy and growing middle class. That hasn't been the case for the middle class in over 20 years. The problem that we have is that the rich keep getting richer and the middle class wages stay the same, and sometimes even get lower, causing the inequality percentage to rise. The movie stated that in 1978 the average male worker made $48,302 and the average top 1% made $393,682, and in 2010 that same male worker makes $33,751 and top 1% now makes more than 1 million dollars on average. The richest 400 people in the united states have more money than over half the population combined.…show more content…
Who is it good for? Who are the winners in today’s economy? Well, for one, the average consumer is a winner. Our technologies are expanding and growing. The ability to buy goods at lower prices is a huge perk. Who is making the money on those goods? The 1%. The 1% are the real winners. They continue to get more money and pay less taxes. Thus adding to the inequality. The Law of One Price states that goods must be the same price regardless of where they are sold. When the law of one price is not adhered to, companies can search for the cheapest place to produce or purchase goods. When this happens jobs are moved overseas and therefor lost here in the United States. It creates a problem for our middle class because jobs are lost, causing them to further feel the effects of the wealth gap. I do not think that equal distribution of income would be a good idea. We need incentive to work hard. It is exciting to have the opportunity to work harder and gain wealth and influence. The main problem is that the rich are just so much richer than the rest of the population. We need a healthy middle class to sustain our economy. One way to achieve a healthier middle class would be to reduce the wealth gap by raising incomes for the middle class. I would definitely be willing to pay more for goods and services to help support the raise of middle class incomes. I would essentially be paying myself more and creating more job opportunities, which would create a healthier
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