Stereotypes Of Odin In The Movie 'O'

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Odin’s greatest fear is to slowly becomes the person that other people think he is, which may lead to a tragedy. Speech = talk more about the rape scene, how it connected to sexualism or race. At the end, he finally revealed his true self by allowing the society’s expectation to be a part of him, society’s typical stereotype of young black men. The movie showcases the modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Othello” and includes how teen violence and racism can relate to each other and can lead to a tragedy.

His own hatred of his race affects his personality and changed his way of acting. Within any movie that has an African American character, it is very hard to avoid the typical stereotypes. Within the movie “O”, it seems like the producer tried to avoid the stereotypes, but some were still presence in the movies. Some of the negative stereotypes when thinking about the African American community are violence and drugs. In the movie, even though Odin is the most popular person in the school, adored by lots of teachers and students, Odin is very self conscious of being the only African American at the elite high school. His past drug problems come back to haunt him. When Roger and Hugo tell Desi’s father that Odin raped her, the school’s dean, also Desi’s father, brings up his criminal record. His past drug problems suggest that he is more prone to rape Desi. Even though he never meant to harm Desi, Roger and Hugo wanted to destroy and ruin Odin’s reputation. In this movie,

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