The Movie Princess Mononoke : A Japanese Word For A Spirit Or Monster?

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The term “Mononoke” is a Japanese word for a spirit or monster. Associating these traits with women is considered unusual from the typical gender roles. Common traits associated with the ideal of femininity include sensitivity, passiveness, dependence, and emotional. Usual traits associated with masculinity are courage, independence, assertive, and confidence. Many of the women and girls highlighted in the Japanese movie Princess Mononoke deviate from typical gender norms. The female characters are in positions of power and are determined and aggressive. Princess Mononoke features many instances in which the female characters deviate from gender roles by being leaders and fighters. Femininity and masculinity are sets of attributes, …show more content…

He is consulted by the village wisewoman and she tells Ashitaka that his wound is cursed, and he must leave the village and head west in order to find a cure. The wisewoman is the first female character that we see in a position of leadership. She is a spiritual leader and the villagers value and respect her wisdom. Ashitaka eventually heads west and arrives in a place called Irontown. He learns that Irontown gets its wealth by the process of clear cutting forests to make iron. The destruction of the environment angers the animals that live in the forest. Ashitaka decides that he wants to bring peace between the humans of Irontown and the animals. A blind boar god named Okkoto and his clan of boar attacks Irontown. The leader of Irontown, Eboshi, prepares for battle by setting out to decapitate the Forest Spirit and give its head to the Emperor of Japan for protection. Eboshi does cut off the Forest Spirit’s, but a mysterious substance begins to flow and destroy everything that it touches, including Irontown. the Forest Spirit’s head is eventually returned to him and the landed is healed with Ashitaka vowing to help rebuild Irontown in a more sustainable way. Lady Eboshi is a female character that breaks traditional gender roles. Eboshi is the leader of Irontown. It is rare to see a woman in a high position of power during this time period. She became the leader of Irontown when she fought off a group of angry gods from the forest. This

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