The Myth Of The Indian Creation Myth

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There are many creation myths that have been told for hundreds of years that have served as an explanation for how the world works. Each culture has a creation myth that is unique to them. India, for example, has a creation myth that has been told for hundreds of years, and by examining the myth, it is possible to understand what their culture values. The Indian creation myth is one of the Puranas, or religious texts, within the Veda. According to Barry B. Powell, this myth may have been told around A.D. 500 and was either written in a book or was passed down orally from generation to generation (Powell 229). Now, there are print versions of the text, and there are people who tell of this story orally. Who the very first person was to tell the myth or write it down is unknown, but this myth has been read and told by people of India who believe in the religious texts, which is the myth’s intended audience. The reason why this myth was told was to inspire the people of India “directly with models for behavior and explanations for the way the world is” (Powell 223), and that is also a reason why this myth is still told even today. This myth involves the ideas of light versus darkness, or good versus evil, along with the idea of destruction and rebirth as well as karma that Hinduism is known for.
The story begins with Brahma, the god who creates the world. From him, the gods, demons, ancestors, and humans were created. Demons were the first beings to be created because Brahma

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