The Mythology Of Begbie

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Begbie has only facile and empty alliances as his friends do not like him (Welsh 106) because he is unable to form any connection with his friends. An example of this can be seen when he is trying to be jovial with Renton and: ‘tae get my attention, Begbie smashes an elbow into my ribs with such ferocity that it would be construed as an assault, were it not between two companions’ (Welsh 99) However, his friends do fear him and stay loyal, by creating a ‘Begbie Mythology’ which can be seen on page 106. One such example of this ‘mythology’ is: Myth: Begbie’s mates like him. Reality: They fear him’ (Welsh 106). Renton and his friends created this mythology in order to quell his savage nature and avoid being the next victim of his tyrannical behavior. As Renton tellingly states of him: ‘Friendship Wi Begbie was an ideal preparation for embarking on a relationship Wi a woman. It taught ye sensitivity, an awareness ay the other person's changing needs. When ah wis wi a lassie, ah usually behaved in the same discreetly indulgent wey. For a while, anywey (Welsh 97). On two occasions, Renton realizes that through this ‘mythology’ he and his friends have made Begbie part of what he is. The first is after the glassing incident, when he states: ‘It wis easy tae lie, as we all did wi Begbie in our circle. A whole Begbie mythology hud been created by oor lies tae each other n oorsels. Like us, Begbie believed that bullshit. We played a big part in making him what he was’ (Welsh 106).

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