The Namesake By Jhumpa Lahiri

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In life, people face certain obstacles that come their way. Some run away in fear, and others face them head on, The people that face these obstacles are the ones that get more out of life and therefore are ready for what other obstacles might come their way . The Namesake, is a book about how life can be difficult in a new country for immigrants trying to raise a son with mixed cultures. Gogol, the son of these immigrant parents grows up wanting to assimilate himself in this new cultural but ultimately seeking to leave his original culture behind. In the book, Gogol’s mother, Ashima, has to endure some of the more difficult situations throughout the book. The emotion that is revealed about her is what really helps the audience be able to …show more content…

Having family around and helping out with household chores. After spending plenty of time in the United States she begins to have a hard time adjusting to this new way of life and lets her frustrations be known. One instance where the book shows Ashima’s struggle to this new environment is after Gogol is born and she feels lonely due to Ashoke rarely being home and having to raise Gogol on her own. According to Dr. C. Isaac Jebastine and M. Subarna Ashima is on her own during her maternity days and becomes afraid and of raising a child where it seems so burdensome and worrisome. (Jebastine) She grows impatient and is quoted saying: “I’m saying I don’t want to raise Gogol alone in this country. It’s not right, I want to go back” (pg 58). Not only is she dissatisfied with being in the situation she’s in, but she also seems to know the solution to her problem. She feels like moving back to Calcutta, where she is familiar and much more comfortable. She endures through this situation by having Gogol and Sonia, her daughter, with her throughout the time they are there. This move to a new country ultimately helps her become more independent, not having to rely on her family as much as she once had to in Calcutta. Another situation where Ashima has a hard time going through is when her children move away. For many parents this can be very sad and difficult, but in Ashima’s case, it 's even harder to go

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