The National Rifle Association Is An American Non-Profit

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The National Rifle Association is an American non-profit organization that has been around for over one hundred years. It is a large organization with approximately 5 million members and is run by 84 leaders: 64 board members, one consultant, 17 lobbyist, 15 senior staff and 4 spokespersons. There are 9 women and 73 men apart of the NRA leaders. The executive vice president and chief executive officer is Wayne LaPierre, an author and a gun rights advocate who was elected to the board in 1991. The President of the National Rifle Association as of 2015 is Allan D. Cors. There are hundreds of programs offered by the NRA for all ages; these programs are possible because of fundraising and donations. The Nation Rifle Association was founded in…show more content…
The Government’s involvement with the second amendment caused many law changes and regulations. This is when the NRA decided to refocus their efforts on self-defense along with the American Hunter and the American Rifleman. They created the NRA Foundation in 1990 that is also non-profit organization and is run through donations and fundraisers. In 1997, the Guardian was created to expand general self-defense and firearm knowledge to a bigger audience such as business owners and even families. The Guardian was renamed America’s 1st Freedom in June of 2000. Figure 10.14: While comparing the Murder rate ratio between Chicago and other Large Cities has shown a gradual increase since 1990. Has the NRA influenced these numbers or are they not doing enough? The National Rifle Association is the only non-profit organization that is also the national trainer of law enforcement with over 13,000 NRA-certified police officers and security firearms instructors. The NRA has claimed to have over 5 million members ranging from 20 years of age to over 60. There are various benefits offered to members and donators. After becoming a member of the NRA, you have 24/7 defense of your gun rights and a “No Cost Gun Owner Protection Plan” for insurance purposes. The NRA also offers members their choice of a free magazine and an official membership card. A member can be offered a chance to become a lifetime member of the NRA; this makes

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