The National Welfare

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1a) . . . . [to] promote the general Welfare. (Preamble to the Constitution)
In this statement, the founding fathers set out to place the ideals of a newly formed government. The idea was to give every citizen the peace of mind that they would be protected from outside forces, and create a standard of living that would allow most the opportunity to help themselves pursue their ideas of life, liberty, and happiness. General welfare does not guarantee the right to free health care, nor does it guarantee anything at all. In this context it is meant as a task that the federal government should attempt to provide the best possible options to its citizens and then allow them to decide how they would like to progress with every initiative. This …show more content…

1c) If, my countrymen, you wait for a constitution which absolutely bars a power of doing evil, you must wait long, and when obtained it will have no power of doing good. (Oliver Ellsworth)
This statement is saying that power can be both good and bad, but you cannot have the possibility of one without the other. The government must have power and as long as we can recognize the duality of power we can work together to stay on the right path. In the context of health care, having the power to force people to buy insurance is a power granted to the government, just as the creation of a social security net, but should it force people to buy insurance? This is an area I don’t think the government should be involved with, there is a level of support for the less fortunate and the idea that I will be taxed regardless of if I have health care or not does not sit well with me. That being said, I do agree with the government having the power to enact laws, as that is the point of the federal government, it’s the extent that they go and how invasive they become that is the worry, which is reflected in the statement Oliver Ellsworth made. You cannot have a purely good, absolute power, there will always be good and bad men who are capable of using power for good or evil, how can we reign them in? This is why the congress was created and the series of checks and balances, which I believe is a great way to govern.
1d) A government ought to contain in itself every power

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