The Native American 's Society

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In the late 1400s, King Ferdinand sent Christopher Columbus on a voyage to find a western sea route to Asia, with the purpose of finding resources for the kingdom. With the greed of treasure in mind, they set sail and stumbled upon new land, the land of the Native Americans where there was a plethora of resources. These new people were a different skin color, worshiped a different god, and were technologically inadvanced, consequently creating a shade of condescension within the Europeans. Thus giving the notion that these Native Americans were not people, and were not to be treated as such, making it virtually impossible for these two cultures to peacefully cohabit. Hispaniola was where the reign of the Europeans over the New World began, proving to become detrimental to the Native American’s society. The Europeans didn’t consider these Native Americans as people, more as an object and a resource themselves. They ignored the fact that the Native Americans let them come with open hands and took complete advantage over them. Bartolomé De Las Casas, who was one of Europe’s most eloquent apologist for Native American rights, discusses how abusive the Europeans were in this quick narration: “They began their subjection of the women and children, taking them away from the Indians to use them and ill use them, eating the food they provided with their sweat and toil. The Spaniards did not content themselves with what the Indians gave them of their own free will, according to

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