The Nature Of Evil In The Hobbit

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Aragorn and Gandalf passed the test and were wise enough to know that the ring would try to temp them. Galadriel also passes the ring even with Frodo offered her the ring but she new if she took it and used it for good the ring would somehow corrupt her and use it for evil. Boromir fails the test when he tries to take the ring away from Frodo. Samwise Gamgee passes the test even when the ring tries to temp and corrupt him but fails. The encounter between Gandalf and Balrog was not an occurrence. Gandalf knew of a threat existed in Moria but didn’t know what exactly. If Gandalf would have not sacrificed himself they're would not have been Gandalf the white. Boromir tried to take the ring by force but deliberately fails when Frodo runs he then realizes what he has done. He then decides to give his life trying to protect Pippin and Merry but fails. I believed if …show more content…

Smeagol was to far gone to be saved and would never be at peace as long as the ring existed. Aragorn is a very complex character, and has many qualities that might make him a good king. The first one obviously, he's brave and makes sacrifices for others. Aragorn takes on an army hundred times his size to give Frodo a chance to make it to Mount Doom. He avoids temptation. When the ring is offered to Aragorn, he runs in the opposite direction. He knows what he can and can’t handle and makes sure not to let his wakens get the best of him. After Gandalf’s sacrifice in the battle with the Balrog, Aragorn is left to care for and lead the Fellowship. Another example of heroism is when Aragorn never forget who his friends are no matter how badly things are going. When the Fellowship of the ring is broken up by the orcs Aragorn leads Legolas, and Gimli in a hopeless quest to find and save Marry and Pippin who where kidnapped by orcs thinking they possessed the

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