The Nature of Adolescent Development

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As an educator, it is essential to familiarise yourself with the nature of the adolescent’s that may be under your control. In order for this to be effective, you should understand the individual’s background, interests and abilities, and what mental and physical development stage they are in. During this period the individual experiences several changes in relation to their physical and emotional abilities. Some of these are of such nature that social maladjustments can result unless appropriate personal adjustments are made throughout this process. You must also understand that the rate of change varies between sexes and individuals. Throughout high school it is evident that every type of home and every section of society is represented. It is important for the teacher to believe, understand, and practise the ideas of teacher effectiveness, intentionality, and educational psychology. An effective teacher should take into account the cultural and social characteristics of each student. If we relate these theories to a child’s self esteem there are several methods and processes a teacher can use to benefit and potentially help the individual. One of the pit-falls of self-esteem is struggling to achieve goals; an individual puts too much emphasis on satisfying others instead of themselves. For example, a teacher has assigned a task and has a student that is extremely stressed out and having trouble focusing in the classroom. This student is not stressed about the assignment,

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