The Nazi Party: The Rise Of The German Worker's Party

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The Nazi Party, also known as known as the German Worker’s party, gained power in Germany 1933 under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was a German politician who came to power with the promise of employment and economic growth as well as the rise of German nationalism. He used persuasive propaganda to coerce the German population that the rise of the Nazi party is what was best for the strengthening of the German Nation. Once he officially took power, Hitler was appointed Chancellor by President Paul Von Hindenburg on January 30, 1933. Paul Von Hindenburg did not appoint Hitler to power because he believed in the ideals set forth by Hitler, but rather he thought Hitler would fail. Hitler proved him wrong within a few months of his appointment, “ Within two months, Hitler had laid the foundations for the Nazis’ complete control over Germany. “Hitler had one more step to his final plan or “legal Seizure of Power,” which lead to Hitler being appointed Dictator by the body of Parliament itself . Now that Hitler had full control, the Nazis were high in power, where Hitler’s beliefs in an ideal Aryan race came into play and this was the start of …show more content…

Once World War II was over and the German Population was fully aware of the murder and hate crimes that their country had committed, they were disgusted. The Germans were thought of as “demonic creatures.” In research conducted on Multicultural Education: Israeli and German adolescents' knowledge and views regarding the holocaust, It show’s that now over half of the German people talked to didn’t wish to discuss the criminal acts of the Nazis . They were blinded by the extent of the hate crimes and looking back they are now trying to cope with their country’s past. Just like the Germans, the Israelis this memory was one they didn’t know if they should preserve or not. The Jews had to rebuild and reset a whole new foundation for

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