The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant

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In the short story of “The Necklace”, the author Guy de Maupassant is a creative and intriguing tale which reveals a person 's dreams of a luxurious lifestyle with countless materialistic possessions. He has skillfully developed the story into a mystery which reveals itself at the end. The main point in the story is that materialism can distort your view of happiness and fulfillment. It is wrong to be materialistic to the extent that you disregard what you already have and lose everything. Mathilde Loisel, a character who dreams of riches, but at the expense of losing everything else. She is discontent with the life she leads as the wife of a humble clerk who cannot afford the luxuries she wants. According to the Jessica Krehlik, she describes Mathlide 's surroundings, but as a writer felt that this one meant more, because it was actually something that even she wasn 't actually able to see--only imagine by saying "She suffered from the poorness of her house, from its mean walls, worn chairs, and ugly curtains. All these things, of which other women of her class would not even have been aware, tormented and insulted her.” Literally that was exactly the way Mathilde was feeling with the kind of life she was having. In addition, the author described the settings of the apartment reflecting on Mathilde 's unhappiness; for instance, he compared the drab walls with Mathilde 's plain and monotonous life, the shabby furniture with her feelings of living like a

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