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Ten years of suffering is the cost of having pleasure for only one night! In “The Necklace,” by Guy de Maupassant presents Mathilde Loisel, an attractive, charming but vacuous and selfish middle class lady transforms to selfness, poor, satisfied and hard-working lady. Even though, Mathidle owns a comfortable home and married to a faithful and kind husband, Monsieur Loisel, who seeks her happiness and satisfaction; she was ungrateful to the things that she had been given, because her greed and desire of wealth had captured her thoughts and blurred the real meaning of happiness in her perspective. Mathidle spends most of her time surfing in her day dreams of being wealthy and suffering from accepting the reality, because her imagination was …show more content…

Guy de Maupassant had suggested clearly through the line of the story the difference between greed and dreams. Dreaming is pursuing and chasing a goal with passion, hopes, and huge efforts; while greed is a desire to acquire more than what one needs with a no effort. Mathilde could bring her dreams to reality by finding a job instead of deciding to stay home day dreaming of her thoughts. As the author had illustrated in many parts of the story Mathidle was never satisfied with her assets for example, when her husband offered her all of his saving to buy her a dress she asked for jewelries and when she had the chance to borrow some. She did not get contended with Madame Forestier’s jewelries, but she kept asking her to show her more until she noticed the most wonderful necklace of Madame Forestier’s jewelries. After losing the necklace, Mathidle social class was lower, but she seemed happier. In the story, the necklace had symbolized more than just jewelry or decoration. The necklace was a symbol of the dominant features of Mathidle’s personality such as selfishness, arrogance, superficial, and imitation. Mathidle always considered her happiness above her husband’s happiness. For example she spent the money that her husband had been saving to buy a gun over a dress to attend the party. Mathile’s arrogance and superficiality had ruined her happiness; she classified people based on their income. She always

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