The Negative Effects Of Corporal Punishment On Children

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Among the various forms of children punishments, corporal punishment has been revealed to be an ineffective form of correction due to the negative consequences associated with it. Corporal punishment involves subjecting children to physical pain as a corrective measure to prevent them from engaging in inappropriate behaviors. This is a type of power assertive method of discipline where children are subjected to punishments without explanation or justification. They grow up in fear of the consequences of corporal punishment rather than understanding the right from the wrong. The consequences associated with physical punishment include both physical and emotional abuse that has adverse effects on the growth and development of children. As a result of corporal punishments, children are often left with disabilities or bad medical conditions in case of injuries during punishment. The children are also abused emotionally through the vulgar language that is often used by the parents during the administration of the punishments. This physical and emotional abuses that children are subjected to makes them lead a disturbed life in future. The recommended approach of discipline is therefore the inductive method where the children are guided with explanation and justification in case of punishments in order to understand rather than fear the reason behind the punishment. Physical punishment is determined to have adverse effects that impact negatively on the self-esteem of a child.

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