The Negative Effects Of Nuclear Weapons

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I will be exploring the topic of nuclear weapons/warfare. I chose this topic because I am curious on how these weapons are created and their negative and positive effects on the environment and the world.
Nuclear weapons are very dangerous explosive devices that get their destructive force from nuclear reactions. These bombs are usually made of elements such as uranium or plutonium. Through the process of nuclear fission these elements undergo nuclear chain reactions. Thus giving these weapons and bombs very large amounts of energy. One of these weapons can kill millions of people, animals and can destroy the environment if detonated. ( 2015)
There are many purposes to these nuclear weapons. In the government they can use them as …show more content…

During this time the US wanted to create a weapon so that they would defeat Hitler and the Nazis during WWII. The US President, Roosevelt, received a letter from Einstein. This letter explained that by using nuclear fissions the forces could be tapped together to make a bomb of incredible power. This bomb caused the greatest explosion humanity had ever witnessed during this time. In August of 1949, Soviet scientist were able to duplicate the blueprint of the American bomb that was used against Nagasaki. In the 1960s, the United Kingdom, Britain and France followed the US and Soviet Union by developing and testing their own nuclear weapons. ( 2014)
The chemistry behind nuclear weapons uses nuclear fission. This is when an atom splits into two or more smaller atoms, these are known as fission products. An exothermic reaction is the fission of heavy elements. In order to initiate fission reactions an atom is bombarded by a neutron which creates an unstable isotope. While neutrons are released during this process, they cause a chain reaction which continues fission. The most common isotope involved in testing nuclear weapons is Plutonium. This has at least 15 different isotopes, which are all radioactive. Uranium is also used. When nuclear bombs and weapons are detonated gamma, neutron, and ionizing radiation are emitted. Even after long periods of time residual radiation will still be around. ( 2013) The pros of using nuclear

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