The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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“Social media is something of a double-edged sword. At its best, social media offers unprecedented opportunities for marginalized people to speak and bring much needed attention to the issues they face. At its worst, social media also offers 'everyone' an unprecedented opportunity to share in collective outrage without reflection”-Roxane Gay. A text, a tweet, a facebook post, a snapchat story, all of these platforms take up the lives of many people all over the world; filling up their time with senseless selfies and overbearing rants on social platforms that feed off these unhealthy habits, encouraging it even. All the while people stay unawares of the dangers of social media and the actual effects it has on their lives. There are positive strides in the way we communicate via phone, and at the same time technology has it’s fair share of adverse effects; in this case its face-to-face communication. Most people do not even bother with checking in personally anymore. In fact, Rebecca Bedrossian admits to this when she says, “ It’s true, these days I’m more likely to check in with family and friends via text, than I am to pick up the phone and call, or drop in to say ‘Hello’” (2). Shooting a quick text is more convenient than having to get in your car and drive over a friend’s or relative’s house to see how their doing. Being honest, no one really has time for friendly chats anymore. Nowadays, we rely on social media to see what our family and friends have been up to.
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