The Negative Effects Of Television

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Televised Education With the major advancements and globalization of technology, televisions have made their way into the homes of many citizens; nearing 1.4 billion households. In the United States alone, 96.7 percent of the American population’s homeowners own a television set (Selter, 2011). In one way or another, T.V. will affect the majority of people. This is an important piece of information to recognize, as the T.V. show producers have a tremendous way to reach people. Their influence could be beneficial or harmful. However, one should bear in mind that, while television can have negative effects when not consumed in reasonable amounts, like anything, it can in fact make one smarter, as opposed to the common belief that television has dumbed down society. It is true, of course, that watching too much T.V. can be negative to your overall health as it has been linked to cause behavior issues, sleep deprivation and other health issues (Brown, 2016), but those problems are all in the hands of the viewer’s decisions, not the T.V. producers. One gets to choose how much they engage with their television, but as earlier mentioned, T.V. can make a person smarter. A new study has came out that illustrates that people who watch television frama tend to understand complex concepts more completely. This study was published in the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts. The experiment went as follows. A group of participants were asked to watch dramas such

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