The Negative Effects of Steriods

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Many people use steroids from athletes and body builders to just every day ordinary people trying to gain muscle. These users think they get a really big gain on other people, but do they really? Are all these steroids risky to take? Can you die or be in danger of being sick or seriously injured? Many of these users may use large doses to get ahead of others by gaining more muscle quicker. Overall has the overuse of these substances been the problem all along for the users?
Steroids are known to have many negative effects on the body. The body has over 50 major hormones. One hormone group is anabolic steroids effect muscle growth and a male or females characteristics; this hormone is produced naturally; the hormones in the body helps the body gain protein. (1c: SV; SV; SV.) One of the major hormones in a male also is found in females is called testosterone. Testosterone causes maturing in the males reproductive system in puberty the male user grows more body hair, deeper voice, muscle growth and could make a user more aggressive. Steroids improve endurance, strength, muscle mass, but it hasn’t shown that it improves skill, agility, or athletic performance. Athletes take steroids for the testosterone effects. Steroids that you could find at a food store or gyms are now illegal and now require a prescription to have.
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Athletes are taking these steroids for a positive look on their body and how they play not taking any negative effects in consideration

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