The New Dominant Females in The End of Men by Hannah Rosin Essay

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The word feminism first appeared in France and the Netherlands in 1872, and by 1910 it had spread all over the world. The feminism is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men”. The feminist movement is divided into three “waves”

The world today is a place where men and women aren’t dependent on each other, researcher have come up with m

The article “The End of Men”, written by Hannah Rosin was published in The Atlantic, July/August 2010. The article is about how women are increasingly getting influence in society and how this will ultimately lead to a change in the balance between men and women, where women are now more dominant. There are more women that have high …show more content…

This builds Rosin’s credibility with the readers, who tend to believe in the experts and authorities. It’s not just the woman Hannah Rosin who believes that women are taking over, even a macho man as Ericsson agrees with her: It is the women who are driving all the decisions”, he says” “these females are going to leave us males in the dust”.
Rosin uses a lot of popular culture to make the article more relatable for the readers. By giving examples from popular culture Rosin tries to convince her readers that women are already starting to emerge as the strongest sex. The examples are draw from pop culture, which most readers are familiar with. The article appeals to the readers interest in celebrities and the examples are therefore engaging the reader:” Susan Sarandon and Demi Moore have boy toys, and Aaron Johnson, the 19-year-old star of Kick.Ass, is a proud boy toy for a woman 24 years his senior”. ”In her recent video Telephone, Lady Gaga, with her infallible radar for the cultural edge, rewrites Thelma and Louise as a story not about elusive female empowerment but about sheer, ruthless power”.
From the beginning of the article Rosin tries to engage the reader. She does this by using facts about women emerging both in the industry and on the education font, which catches the readers attention. Even more effectice is the fact that she asks questions directly to the readers which forces the reader

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