The New Technology Of Cell Phones

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A modern craze now is the new technology of cell phones. Everyone feels that they need them at almost every moment of the day. It may be normal in social life, but in the business world, this may cause a problem. With people glued to their cell phones, it is tough for anyone to really focus on anything. From Samsung, iOS, iPhone, LG, to Nokia, everyone is after the newest trends in the social world of technology. Some may feel the need to compete with one another to see whom has the better model. As fun and competitive as it may be, this could be a weakness in their professional life. Not only do people feel the need to get the next big thing, they have to use it at all time. Even when the timing is not right at all. They can be far too attached. It is as if their phones rule their lives without most realizing it. Time and time again, people choose to make everything about themselves known to everyone else via social media sites. Those user have to tell everyone else everything that is happening to them at that moment. If not themselves, they will spend the word of news they have just received, be it humble event or unruly rumor. To fit in at that moment, people will post anything. Via the popular cell phone they are sporting, everything is revealed to all. Even about their professional live, though they are not as engaged in it as they are their blogs and post. Some may try to put the phone down, but find it quite difficult. That phone that people would “die” for could

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