The Next Three Years Performance

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In the research, the next three years performance is estimated by different stage. Generally speaking, the first stage will be only the next year 2016, which is basic on the average historical performance. The second stage will be 2017 and 2018, the growth is assumed to keep about 9.6 % per year. In addition, all the figures in this part are calculated by Danish Kroner. Basic on the last five years’ income statement, sales in Novo Nordisk will increase from DKK 107927 million in 2015 to DKK 134004 million in 2018. However, the operating profit might decrease from 2015 and the operating margin will also decrease relatively. On the other hand, the net income and net margin will rise to DKK 46900 million during the future three years. This is because the operating cost in Novo Nordisk will has an unusual increase in the future, which should be concerned. As the graph shows, the finance situation presented a fluctuated change during the past five years. It may has a stable growth from DKK 9933 million in 2016 to DKK 14928 million in 2018. Debt in this graph is assumed only long-term debt that is zero, which is the reason why the leverage is zero during the past five years. According to the disclosure of Novo Nordisk’ balance sheet, the book value per share has an improving trend from 2011 to 2018, expect 2016. The cash flow per share will also increase in the future three years. Although it is difficult to accurate analyze the reason why the book value will decrease in 2016, it
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