The Night - Original Writing

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Dan had found Phil something to slip into and had passed him both that and a towel before leading the boy to the bathroom and making quick work not to linger. He wasn’t altogether alone but in that moment, he felt alone with his thoughts. The pattering of rain mixed with the noise of his shower faucet. It became a quiet reminder of Dan’s previously glum mood. He couldn’t drag himself from the memories of his brother’s body lying baby blue in his arms. His jaw locked into place and his hands balled into fists. It was his fault. If he had just taken his brother in the first place it never would have happened. It was his fault.
Dan knew that if he wallowed for any longer he would fall into the blackened vortex of his own mind once more and …show more content…

Dan blushed and moved over to make room for Phil who quietly pulled up a space beside him.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Dan sucked in a sharp breath through gritted teeth, knowing what ‘it’ was.
That was the good thing about Phil. He didn’t push. He just let Dan be Dan. He didn’t try to fix him, he just tried to hold Dan’s hand while he fixed himself. He would pass him strips of cellar tape and tell him which pieces of himself should fit where, but he would still stand back and let Dan do it. Until this moment Dan didn’t even understand that was what he needed.
“What song was it?” Phil changed the topic and Dan was grateful.
“True Love Waits, by Radiohead.”
Phil hummed and nodded his head in an approving manner. He watched quietly as Dan played the song through once more again and shot him a kind of lopsided grin.
“Teach me how to play it,” He pushed quietly, trying to place his hands over the place Dan 's hands had previously resided. He laid them down slightly wrong but Dan chuckled and tried to correct them.
“You can’t even play Hot Crossed Buns without making my ears bleed.”
Phil’s face formed fake pain before he chuckled and nudged Dan’s shoulder in a teasing manner.
“I will play Hot Crossed Buns until you go deaf or teach me how to play.”
Dan scoffed and shook his head before sighing and leaning over to show him the first few seconds of the song, then placed Phil’s hands over the right notes, again moving his hand from

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