The Nixon Administration And The Vietnam War

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One of the many challenges the Nixon administration faced, was the Vietnam War. He realized that this war wasn’t going anywhere, and that the American people were not as gung-ho for the war like they were before his presidency. With that in mind, Nixon introduced the topic of “Vietnamization”. (Wikipedia) He introduced this topic in his May 14, 1969 speech and also introduced it in his letter to Ho Chi Minh. (Document A) Vietnamization was basically a plan to get Americans out of Vietnam. Nixon wanted to stop the deaths of American soldiers because he saw that this war wasn’t going to be won. During Vietnamization, American soldiers were to train the South Vietnamese soldiers on how to fight and, at the same time, remove American troops from Vietnam. In Nixon’s letter to Ho Chi Minh, Nixon talks about a “just peace”. Minh responds to Nixon’s call for a “just peace” by stating that peace will happen, and the Vietnamese people want peace to happen, but the “United States continues to intensify its military operations”. Minh also responds with the only way that peace will happen in Vietnam is when the United States withdraws their troops and allows the South Vietnamese to fight with out “foreign influence”. (Document A) In terms of the United States, the Nixon administration ended the war between Vietnam and the U.S. The Nixon administration was involved in what is called the Watergate scandal. The Watergate scandal began when some people in the Nixon administration bugged
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