The Noble Savage, This Is Rousseau View Of Human Under

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The noble savage, this is Rousseau view of human under the state of nature which means human by nature are good and what made them as bad is the civilization. Under civilization people start having material desire and become competitive, therefore human is no longer good. The social contract then appears with the aim of protection. “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains” (1920, chapter 1). As Rousseau believe human is born free, so people would only enter the social contract if they remain “as free as before” and the contract insured self-governance of the collective. In the social contract, Rousseau said in order to achieve the equal freedom as before people have to give up part of their nature liberty which is restricted by …show more content…

However, according to Rousseau’s explanation of general will in the social contract “There is often a great deal of difference between the will of all and the general will; the latter considers only the common interest, while the former takes private interest into account, and is no more than a sum of particular wills: but take away from these same will the pluses and minuses that cancel one another, and the general will remains as the sum of the differences.” (1920, chapter 3). This quote from Rousseau describes the general will as the sum of the difference which creates some confusion. (Plamenatz, 1963, P.393) As if understanding from the mathematical way which for example A has the will of x + a, B has the will of x + b and C has the will of x + c. Form “considers only the common interest” the general will would then be “x”, but according to what Rousseau said the general will would there for be the “sum of the difference” which is, therefore, the difference between A, B and C, “a + b + c”. From this result “a + b + c”, it clearly does not give an outline of what is general will as it does not satisfy the basic feature of the general will. According to Rousseau the general will should be no factions, no debate, no major inequality and people are properly informed. On the one hand, a political community ruled according to the general will would advance the freedom of its members. Rousseau believes that obey the general will is freedom, because the general will

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