The Not So Invisible Man

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Daniella Cameron Santos
Advanced Honors English 1
Mrs. Sanzo
The not so invisible man. While depicting the idealized life of a black man an anonymous narrator realizes that people only see him for what they want to see him for, which makes him invisible to simply put it, because people see who they want to see and they refused to see the real him. The narrator describes his life as he struggles to become who the people surrounding him want him to be until he comes to the realization that he is invisible to those around him and he cannot change that.
On his grandfather’s deathbed the narrator listened to him reveal that he felt like a traitor to his people because he had been what the white citizens wanted him to be. Ever since then the narrator has always been haunted by that, because he himself was a model student and African American citizen. He was a gifted speaker and gave the graduation speech at his class’s graduation ceremony. The superintendent of the schools invited him to recite that same speech at the Battle Royale, when he got there he felt somewhat more important than the other contestants and felt he had more of a purpose in life than them. The crowd they were fighting in front of were all white men who were prominent figures from the city they lived in. The boys who fought were all black, they were blindfolded and forced to get out of their clothing to fight. After they were to beat each other until only two remained. The narrator and the

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