The Notorious Jumping Frog

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In the short story titled ”The Notorious Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County” the author, Mark Twain, conjures a story about Smiley and his frog that can jump on command. In the story, it is in a first person point of view as a person asked a friend known as Simon Wheeler. A man known as Leonidas W. Smiley and his pet frog that can jump on command. He is also known as Jim. Jim was a humongous better.

In fact, As Simon says, Jim would bet on anything. If a dog was fighting, He would bet on it. If a cat was fighting, He would bet on it. If there was a race, he would bet on it. If two birds were on a fence, he would bet which one flew off first. If he saw a straddle bug moving, he would bet on it. He would bet on anything. He would bet on anyone. …show more content…

For example, Smiley had a mare. The horse was fast, which was odd, because it always had asthma. He also had a bull- pup that he bet on in dogfights. It always went for the legs. The other dog would attack. The other dog would strike. But the bullpup would stand it's ground.

But probably his most famous was his frog. Upon a slight hit, the frog would jump, and I quote, “ Whirling in the air like a doughnut“. (P.579) The frog was named Dan’l Webster. Another story was when Jim Smiley put Dan’l on the floor and said, “Flies, Dan’l, flies!” (P.579) and Dan’l would leap off the ground and catch a fly on the counter and land right back down.

The most famous story about Smiley and his frog was when Dan'l didn't jump. One day, a stranger came to town. He questioned what was in a box Smiley was carrying. It was the frog, Dan’l Webster. He didn't think the frog was anything special, so Smiley decided to prove the stranger wrong. He went to the swap and caught another frog then quickly returned to the stranger. They bet $40 dollars and started the race. The new frog jumped away immediately but Dan’l Webster didn't move at all. The Stranger walked away with the cash. When Smiley investigated Dan’l, there was a huge amount of quail shot. Smiley gave chase after the stranger but he could not find

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