The Novel ' The Handmaid Tale '

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Imagine knowing that a group of people are attempting to take full control of society and the way to live life, but there is nothing that can be done to stop them from accomplishing it. That’s exactly what has been occurring to societies around the world for centuries: Hitler in Germany, Stalin in Russia, and Idi Amin in Uganda, but still continues due to a leader or Regime’s clever techniques to gradually attain power in society without the acknowledgement of citizens. Similarly, in the dystopian novel “The Handmaids Tale,” a staged terrorist attack kills the President, which leads to the government being taken over by the Republic of Gilead, who ultimately transforms the state of Gilead into a women’s nightmare. The women in the novel are forced to be sex slaves in society, in order to produce babies for the infertile men in the state of Gilead, where fertility rates are significantly low. However, the Republic of Gilead forces citizens to follow their theocratic ideology through misleading the entire population with their clever techniques to accomplish their goal of having full power and eventually form a totalitarian society. Thus, in “The Handmaids Tale,” by Margaret Atwood, misinterpreted references to the bible’s scriptures and manipulative techniques are used by the Regime of Gilead to form a totalitarian society. The Republic of Gilead uses misinterpreted references from the bible, in order to support their misleading ideology and manipulate citizens to

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