The Nutrition Improvement Of Childhood Obesity And China, Calls For Quick And Effective Interventions Essay

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Considering the increasing dilemma that is childhood obesity in China, calls for quick and effective interventions. According to He et al. (2014) limiting the availability of the obesogenic foods, raising the taxes of the fast foods, and increasing awareness in children should be considered as possible options. Other articles like Zhang et al. (2015) explained that interventions should focus on taking measures to improve dietary patterns in children’s lives. The Chinese government has decided to take action and started by changing policies and creating programs that can tackle this disease. In the Nutrition Improvement Work manager approach approved by the Chinese government, nutrition interventions include nutrition education, and guidance (Huijun & Fengying, 2013). In 2009, National fitness model regulations increased the physical activity in the country (Huijun & Fengying, 2013). Government programs like these also include some kind of education activities for children. Although education plays a huge role in reducing obesity it is also important to consider one intervention will not change much. This paper will focus on two interventions that have had an impact on obesity in Chinese children, nutrition education and physical activity increments.


Education for many years has allowed populations to understand difficult concepts in health. According Kong, Liu, and Tao’s (2015) article on the limitation of a study on obesity education
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