The Old European Derived Model Of The American University

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Although the present role of higher education is hotly contested, its origins aren’t. Higher education in the US was created as a way to maintain class distinctions. The old European derived model of the American university was not the center of liberal intellectual curiosity it has evolved to today, but rather a religious haven for students of wealthy families who attended in order to become clergymen. Though the religious presence at these institutions has largely diminished, the overwhelming presence of students of primarily wealthy backgrounds remains. Only recently have colleges, with little avail, attempted to reverse this trend. Non-profit colleges, including two year, four year public, and private colleges are still, on average …show more content…

Despite fluctuations, the funds that are invested, not including donations, have generally been been on track for nearly 4% increases every year since 2000 and accounting for the losses during 2009. Endowment funds, on average, are showing returns beyond the incremental increases in operational costs, yet there seems to be no signs of increasing affordability within these institutions. This points to a clear lack of intention of these institutions to allow the expansion of socioeconomic diversity within these universities. However, statistics still indicate that socioeconomic mobility is facilitated by the presence of these institutions. Most of the movement between classes happens between the middle and upper class. In addition to minimal representation in these institutions, lower income students find little to no opportunities for socioeconomic movement. In fact, 65% of the bottom two fifths income stay in the bottom two fifths.
The structure of the college financing system is a root of the suppression of socioeconomic equality, College financing is divided primarily into three options, aside from parental funding. Institutional financial grants should provide the bulk of the unmet cost of attendance. However, financial grants provided by universities are all contingent on how inclined the university is to broaden socioeconomic diversity. The universities that generally provide this type of funding are the same universities with high

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