The Old Stone Age

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In the Old Stone Age (30,000 to 7000 BCE), individual small groups of hunters and gatherers led a nomadic existence rather than living in larger groups with other people. This lifestyle and the absence of domesticated animals limited the spread of disease. Most infections in this period occurred as a result of one of several distinct factors: trauma, zoonotic diseases, and animal diseases that spread to humans; or infections acquired by eating, being injured by, or having contact with wild animals and their excreta. In addition, some diseases would have been contracted from the soil, such as anaerobic bacteria that penetrate the skin, and tapeworms (Arnott 2008). The New Stone Age occurred in Europe and the Near East from approximately …show more content…

In the distribution of the different activities in prehistoric communities, women are, by their peculiarities relating to fertility, carry, give birth, protect and feed that are going to assign the care of pregnant women, the births and offspring. We can say that the woman-mother has the role of intuitive caregiver. The man will develop mystic rites for treatment, cure of diseases and health maintenance. As a remedy for their illness takes advantage of nature and observes imitating animals, one method they used was water application. In this age, illness or physical weakness was seen as a bad produced by spirits.

They started later also use plants as well differentiating between food and medicinal. Any disease was linked to superstition, the patient is cared for by family and friends and they resorted to the figure of the witch or healer. The sorcerer is the man skilled in guessing symptoms and apply special remedies. The healer to diagnose uses divination, also noted the patient carefully observed, collecting facts that concerned them. In the beginning, the knowledge of the people performing these actions was intuitive, had no specific training or economic retribution, was a universally intrinsic activity to any form of society and preferably performed by women.

In the Roman Empire, the medicine emerged independently of other health culture on the basis of the

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