The On Balancing The Environment

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Balancing the Environment Does the implementation of government policies in order to decrease negative environmental effects violate individual rights? Immanuel Kant—one of the most recognized names in deontological theory— proposed a theory that is based on determining if you are using someone or something as a means or an end. In essence stating that in order for a decision to be made one must take into account whether a person is being manipulated against their consent or they are being foster towards an equally beneficial end (O’Neill, 1993). One could say it is everyone’s duty to push the government to introduce policies to decrease negative environmental impacts in order to sustain a healthy and inhabitable environment for the future. Yet this raises the question, how does one determine this is their duty and is this being forced against one 's will with no substantial benefit? While others may argue that to protect the planet is the duty of all people. “The term deontology comes from the Greek word deon, meaning duty. The theory of deontology states we are morally obligated to act in accordance with a certain set of principles and rules regardless of outcome” (Shakil, n.a). Immanuel Kant expanded on this theory and introduced what has come to be known as “Kantian Deontology.” Kantian Deontology proposes, “no one rational or autonomous creature should be treated as mere means for the enjoyment or even the happiness of another.”(O’ Neil, 1993). Therefore, no person

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