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In Australia, Victorian brown coals represent a significant, low cost energy resource with reserves of 430 billion tonnes. However, its utilization is limited to mine-mouth power generation using conventional pulverized coal-fired combustion units at relatively low efficiencies [1]. Therefore, it is necessary to assess and develop alternative utilization techniques for this vast resource, such as gasification. Among different gasifiers, the entrained flow gasifier is attractive for commercial plants because of its feedstock flexibility and clean gas product. However, the technological information on brown coal gasification is limited. There has been one study reporting on pressurized fluidized bed gasification of Victorian brown coals at a pilot scale, but the carbon conversion of Victorian brown coals is quite low[12].
In this study, information on the gasification behaviour of two Victorian brown coals, Yallourn (YL) and Morwell (MW) coal, is reported, including the release of alkali, sulphur, and chlorine spieces, carbon conversion, and gas quality during CO2 gasification. The relation between 100% carbon conversion and residence time was investigated by regasifying the chars after every run of 5-6s residence time. This study generates fundamental information that will be useful for the design of commercial entrained-flow gasifiers using Victorian brown coals.
The coal samples used in this study are Yallourn (YL) and Morwell (MW) coal, two

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