The Origin Of Asian Religious Traditions

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The Origin of Asian Religious Traditions
Asia, which is located in the Northern and Eastern hemisphere, is considered the largest continent on earth. Approximately 4 billion people live in Asia. This particular continent is known to maintain 48 countries. The countries that are well recognized in Asia due to its population are China and India. Individually, there are over 1 billion people that live in China and India. Research shows that there are several of the world’s enormous cities in regards to their populations are located in Asia. These cities include Shanghai, Beijing, Istanbul, Karachi, Mumbai, Guangzhou, and Delhi. The Asian continent also contains the world’s tallest buildings. For instance, the Burj Khalifa which is located in
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Buddhism is known as the most important religion in majority of the countries in the Asian continent. It is also considered China’s oldest foreign religion because it has had a prolonged history with China. It was founded in the fifth century in northern India by Siddhartha Gautama who is also referred as the Buddha Shakyamuni. The Buddhism religion has been modeled in different forms in regards to Buddha’s life experiences, his teachings, and essence of his teachings. Siddhartha Gautama was the royal prince of a king and queen. At birth, a fortune teller predicted that he would become a renouncer. His father did not want his son to be a renouncer so his father decided to give him many luxuries and pleasures. Siddhartha went on many chariot rides and witnessed severe forms of human suffering. The difference between all the luxuries and pleasures he had and the human suffering made him realize that the pleasures on earth would not last very long. He decided to leave his wife and newborn son behind and took several instructors with him to the forest to repudiate. They even reached the point where they nearly starved. They realized this was considered additional human suffering so they decided to eat and meditate. By morning, he attained Nirvana; he was enlightened. Nirvana gave authentic answers to the causes of suffering and how to permanently release from it.
Now Buddha, the
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