The Origins Of Poverty And Inequality Essay

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The origins of poverty and inequality can be traced back to the time of slavery and greed that this country encouraged. Some Americans, including African Americans, experience significant hardships, including temporary food shortages, inadequate housing, and unfair treatment, but these individuals are a minority within the overall poverty population. Poverty remains an issue of serious social concern, but accurate information about that problem is essential in creating a solution. This kind of poverty and inequality is rooted in the nation today by blatant segregation, discrimination, and immorality among individuals of higher power. President Obama broke the barrier and revolutionized America when he became president. In his speech, A More Perfect Union, he delivered and conveyed many messages about his beliefs concerning racism. He starts off explaining how the founders of our nation made the Constitution creating all men equal, but did not fully practice that idea. His former pastor, Reverend Wright, spoke some very controversial words concerning the issue of racism, which created much unease. Obama goes on to say that his former pastor is a good man, that he just has lived and grew up in a time where segregation and the Jim Crow Laws were legal in the United States. The anger and hostility of not being able to achieve something of oneself is felt not only in the African American community, but also in areas of the white community. Obama’s solution to ending this anger of
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