The Other Wes Moore 's Life Problems

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The situations that both Wes Moore’s experience throughout the story The Other Wes Moore are real life problems that people face each and every day. But what is being done to change this? Every day people fall victim to things such as racism, assimilation, political and economic power, and tokenism. Yet, there are ways to help people who are experiencing problems such as these. The only thing that needs to be done is to have enough people stand up for these problems. Whether the solutions to these problems are macro, or micro, there needs to be some sort of effort to help the people who experience these sorts of oppressions. One major issue that the other Wes Moore’s mother experiences is not being able to get an education due to a lack of funding. Mary had become pregnant at the age of 16 and was unable to continue her education. While she was just barely providing for her family through side jobs the paid minimum wage, she was also trying to receive an education by attending John Hopkins University. She was able to do this through a program of Pell Grants. She was only able to get 16 credits done when government decided to quit funding the Pell Grants. Mary, along with many others trying to receive a college education, was unable to finish her education. Due to the cut in funding Mary could no longer afford it. Without being able to receive a college education, Mary would continue to live in poverty because without an education she would not be able to get a good job.

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