The Outsiders Analysis

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The Outsiders, by SE Hilton, includes many different events. The Greasers and the Socs are the complete opposite from each other. The Greasers, compared to the Socs, are known as the lower class and very poor. However, the Socs are known as the socials that are extremely rich. They have nice cars, fancy clothes, and so much more. Throughout the novel, these two groups are rivals and they face problems that are hard to handle. Most of the time they struggle getting along, but they figure out a way through it all in the end even though a couple of people don't survive. The plot of this novel helps me to become a better person in many ways. Some people may have different opinions about this novel. In my opinion, this novel was a great example and story to teach other readers that sometimes there are struggles in life that are difficult to solve and we have to learn to face the consequences. Life is about learning from our mistakes. A boy named Johnny had a very close bond with Ponyboy He was Ponyboy's best friend and he meant so much to him. Johnny cared a lot about Ponyboy and he tried to protect him as much as he could. When Ponyboy got jumped by the Socs Johnny ran up to him and said, "Did they pull a blade on you?" Ponyboy responded, "Yeah." Johnny then replied, "Hey, they ain't going to hurt you no more." Darry tried to toughen up Ponyboy because he always acted weakly and wasn't as strong as the other Greasers. Ponyboy thought for the longest time that Darry didn't

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