The Outsiders Character Analysis

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Two characters that are really similar but so different. If there's a way to do something illegal Dally will do it, whereas Johnny never breaks the law. While Dally was living in New York he blew off steam by getting into fights, but johnny is like a puppy on the side of a street. But they are also similar because they both have neglectful and or abusive parents. Also, they both place In the book, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton Johnny and Dally are both different at first but when you learn more about the characters the more examples there are of them being similar.little value on their lives. Johnny does his best to follow the law yet Dally who Johnny looks up to hates doing things the legal way. When Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy sneak into The Dingo they all had the money to get in but Dally hates doing things the legal way. Dally says to Cherry later on in The Dingo “You ought to see my record sometime, baby” (22). Later on in the book it is mentioned that Dally has a record with the police a mile long. Dally has to always finds a way to break the law. Unlike his hero, Johnny does not break the law often. In Windrixville when Johnny tells Ponyboy and Dally about turning themselves in he says “‘I ain’t got no record with the fuzz’”.(87) Johnny uses his past, or lack of, with the police to help his argument that turning themselves in is a good idea. This just one way Johnny and Dally are different. In The Outsiders, Johnny differs from dally because Johnny is

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