The Pact Essay

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The Pact

The novel The Pact which was read over the summer by Penn State students was considered interesting to some and dull to others. I personally enjoyed the book since I could relate to the book in more ways than one. The story takes pace in an inner city setting with three young men who become doctors and plan to give back to the community in any way they possibly can. The three young men are known as Sam, George and Rameck. Each of these characters posses a different personality which contributes to the book as a whole.

Throughout the book I felt connected to one character, that character was George. George and I share similar qualities and our lifestyles can relate. One major characteristic I found in George is his ability
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He constantly reminded them of the benefits of graduating from college and succeeding in what they wanted to do. Sam and Rameck might have had other options but their plans would not be beneficial in the long run. Some of these options included, starting a rap group, selling drugs back in their home town, and playing basketball. These might have sounded good at first but they would only last for a certain time. Graduating from college with that degree and helping out those in need was more of a priority and turned out to be a better plan, the key plan during that time was to follow through with their higher education.

While George and I share same social aspects we also share some personal aspects with each other. Like George, I was left without a father figure in my life. George’s father and my father left around the same time in our lives, which I find particularly interesting. Our fathers left when we were between the ages of seven and ten years old. As our fathers left we were looked at as the “man of the house” in our household. This might seem like a big responsibility for young boys our age but, we established ways to make a positive result for ourselves and those affected by the situation.

George tried his best to help his mom out in any way possible. He helped
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