The Paranormal Claim That I Am

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The paranormal claim that I am analyzing is a story told to me by my friend Steve. His story is about an experience he and his sister had while visiting their recently deceased (at that time) grandmother’s house about ten years ago. Steve would have been about ten years old at the time of the incident and his sister, Margaret, was roughly age fourteen. They both were raised in a Catholic household and were/are moderately religious. Both are white and are from Minnesota. Steve told me he believes in ghosts, but clarifies that his belief in ghosts mainly steams from the incident that I will describe. Steve and I have been friends for almost our entire lives. He first told me his ghost story shortly after it happened. He recently repeated …show more content…

Glass from the cabinet and from items being held by the cabinet shattered across the floor. That is when Steve ran downstairs frightened and alerted his parents what had happened. Ultimately, his mother cleaned up the glass upstairs and no additional paranormal activity was documented. The paranormal claim that Steve is trying to get me to believe is that he saw his dead grandmother in her ghostly (shadowy) form and that she physically knocked over a glass cabinet. Also, she whispered in his sister’s ear. Furthermore, these paranormal events prove the existence of ghosts and their ability to appear to humans. Steve’s evidence is in his own testimony and description of the experience. Additionally, the testimony of his sister. However, I must note that I have never heard the story from Margaret’s point of view. Steve could also use his mother’s testimony to back his claim that the glass class had been shattered. He never photographed the broken glass or provided any physical evidence supporting his claim. My alternative explanation of the incident revolves around the idea that Steve and Margaret were more susceptible to a paranormal event shortly after their grandmother’s passing. First, it is eerie to visit a location where someone (particularly a relative) has just passed. A person can feel a heightened sense of awareness for their surroundings and perceive ordinary events as paranormal. For example, I

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