The Paring Knife By Michael Oppenheimer

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In Michael Oppenheimer’s short fiction “The Paring Knife” he shows how a husband and wife share a terrible incident just by finding the knife. In Williams Stafford’s poem, “Traveling through the Dark” he shows an accenti with a deer by the side of the road and what happened to it. In Sophocles’s play, “Oedipus the King” he shows what happens when a prophecy reveals a past that should have never came up. In these three stories, all have a relatable theme that consist of some truths are better kept hidden with the first one to reveal in “The Paring Knife”. In Michael Oppenheimer’s short fiction “The Paring Knife” he acknowledges how something small can be remember what angry arguable incident occurs four years ago. As a couple cleaning the …show more content…

The women I love came into the kitchen and asked if I was all right” (Oppenheimer pg 248). Also, another literary term that helps determine the different from the husband and the wife 's point of view because the husband tells the story from what he remembered from his wife because he is more calm and found the knife first. In short, this story relates to the theme some truths are better kept hidden because the knife provides a bad argument they neither of the couple want to remember or even know. That is why the wife put it back under the fridge so that is could never be found again. This story shows how Oppenheimer uses specific words and literary terms to provide that a small memory can lead to an argument if not taken care in the sense that the wife put it back to where is belongs sort of like how the person in this poem did with a dead deer.
In William Stafford 's poem “Traveling through the Dark” he establishes how a gloomy sight can hide the truth that no one would want to know. While driving down Wilson River road a person saw a dead deer on the edge. He pull over to take the deer of the road more a notices that it is a doe and it’s pregant. He feels the stomach and the baby is alive but not for long. He hesitates when he looks at his car and hears it and the wilderness. He eventually pushes the deer over the edge of the river. In the exposition, the poem tells that while driving down the road he saw a deer and most people would either severe it to past it or

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