The Passion Of The Christ

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“Passion of the Christ”
In this film “Passion of the Christ” the scene begins with Jesus being brought into a Roman court yard bound in shackles and chains, limping and visibly beaten from the night before. Jesus was arrested in the early am hours so that any protest of the Pharisees behaviors would not be made. The elders of the Synagogue want to be in full control of what happens to Jesus. In this analysis I will explain my viewpoint of “Why it was so vital for bad things to happen to this man” and “What good can come from violence being displayed in this manner?”
Jesus is brought in to stand trial before Pilate a Roman governor. Pilate clearly does not want to condemn this man; this was partly because he sees no real crime committed and partly because of a vision his wife had in a dream. Pilate first asks the Jewish High Priests “Do you always punish your prisoners before they’re judged?” Pilate questions Caiaphas and Jesus and finds no merit worthy of death and tries to pass the decision of Jesus’ fate off to King Herod. However, King Herod gets nowhere with his line of questioning towards Jesus so he sends the decision back to Pilate. Pilate undeniably does not wish to crucify this man and attempts to free him by allowing a choice for a prisoner to be freed. Yet, to his surprise the people decide to free Barabbas, a murder, over freeing Jesus, a non-violent man. This decision was thanks to the persuasion of Caiaphas and the other “men of the cloth.” Once again, Pilate

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