The Pearl, By John Steinbeck

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In The Pearl, written by John Steinbeck, take place in La Paz, Mexico, where a pleasant family composed of Kino, his wife, Juana, and their son, Coyotito. One day, their son is bitten by a scorpion and Juana and Kino go see a local doctor, who refuses to treat Coyotito. Kino, a pearl diver, finds a pearl with immense value which he believes will pay for the treatment. However, the pearl brings great misfortune upon the family. As the novel progresses, Juana disagrees that the pearl will help her family. Here, Steinbeck defies his usual stereotypical portray of women, and takes a compassionate stance of women such as Juana. Juana, whom the author endows with unique wisdom and common sense juxtaposed to the foolishness and competence of Kino. Thus, these qualities make Juana a far more stronger and superior person than her husband in a patriarchal society in which women have no say. Although, the main plot revolves around Kino, who is regarded as the protagonist, Juana is given a role that makes her a more important and better person than her husband. When Juana is first introduced, she serves as a stereotypical traditional role of a poverty-stricken woman, who is subservient to her husband in a male dominated society. Therefore, she is given a subsidiary role and is not permitted to go beyond it. However, as the novel progresses, Juana’s stereotypical life goes beyond the norm of the male dominated society. Coyotito is stung by a scorpion and Juana resorts to the

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