The Pedestrian

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The Pedestrian

The Pedestrian is a short story by Ray Bradbury. The theme of the short story is all about technology in which it deals with the dangers living in a society which is not only reliant on technology, but uses technology to control its citizens and to destroy those individuals who dare to exercise freedom of expression.
At the start of the short story the writer sets the scene for the reader, both in time and place but also by describing the kind of society that exists in the future world. In the short story the writer writes,
“For long ago he had wisely changed his to sneakers”
This quote makes me think that the pedestrian used to be scared to be seen out at night and wouldn’t want to get noticed. But now he’s gotten …show more content…

This is odd because you would not normally have these two words beside each other because the way they sort of cancel each other out. After the police car takes Mead away, he makes his last defiant statement asserting his individuality, he comments
“That’s my house”
In this sentence, you can see the pride and dignity that Mead had and how he summed it up so much in just these three words.

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