The Pentagram, The Dharmachakra, And The Chi Rho

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Throughout the different religions often people look at different symbols as to what represents themselves as a whole religion and how to identify with it. The Pentagram, the Dharmachakra, and the Chi-Rho are going to be the main focus for this purpose. The Pentagram has been used in almost every important ancient religion and often hold negative connotation but its origin is much different. The Dharmachakra is used by both Hindu and Buddhist religions to represent hope and/or enlightenment. The Chi-Rho was the original Christian cross.To be able to acurattly explore the different aspects of these religions you need to realize you will always find similarities and differences in all religious aspects no matter how small or large the symbols used are what makes a religion what they are. When hearing or thinking of The Pentagram people often are fast to associate it with the Devil and heavy metal music for worshiping Satan and practicing dark things. Although, the original orientation of the Pentagram has nothing to do with worshiping Satan. It’s said “The earliest known use of the pentagram can be found around 3500 BC at Ur of the Chaldees in Ancient Mesopotamia (Pagans path).” In many of the Paganism religions the Pentagram represents the five equidistant elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit giving it more importance. Although, in Christian religions the Pentagram originally symbolized the five wounds of Jesus, but was soon replaced with the with the cross,along

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