The Persian Gulf War And The Arab War

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Persian Gulf War A brief history of the middle east and the nation of Iraq prior to the Persian Gulf War will help explain why the Persian Gulf War was viewed as necessary by the allied countries. The formation of a coalition of countries, the use of innovative military equipment, and strategic military operations helped the allied forces secure victory in the Persian Gulf War. The effects of this victory and subsequent conflict have changed our world as we know it. The Persian Gulf is one of the oldest known trade routes in the world. Conflict is a major issue in that region also. Oil is a part of the reason there is conflict. Great Britain used to control Iraq because of the oil in the nation. Iraq has been a nation with copious amounts of border conflicts and wars. Saddam Hussein, who supported the Ba 'athist party, assumed the role of president of Iraq in 1979. In September 1980, Saddam Hussein ordered his troops into Iran oil fields, thus starting the Iraq-Iran war; another Iraqi conflict; in which Saddam Hussein was fighting Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, a Shīʿite who disliked Saddam Hussein. (“Saddam Hussein”) Saddam Hussein could be classified as brutal leader, as he warred against the ethnic groups the Kurds, and the Shīʿites. He used biological and chemical weapons while fighting, and continued to build up his military. (“Saddam Hussein”) In 1990, he accused Kuwait of drilling Iraq’s crude oil. Hussein also blamed Kuwait and other surrounding

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