The Pianist By Roman Polanski Essay

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There are only so many things you can learn from reading or hearing about what happened in Germany during World War 2. I believe that nothing can accurately depict the events that occurred other than a film because it has the power to convey emotions with the use of pictures that cause strong emotions of empathy towards Jews. A film that successfully captures these events is The Pianist by Roman Polanski, which took place from the years 1939-1945. It was produced by Roman Polanski, Robert Benmussa, and Alain Sarde in 2002. The main character of the film is a man called Wladyslaw Szpilman, who worked in Warsaw Polish radio playing piano. This movie pertains to the life of one man attempting to survive the inhumane actions by Nazis that take place during World War 2 in Poland. I chose to review this specific film because I had watched it when I was younger, but I wanted to experience it again due to the amount of knowledge I have received from taking a college level history course. I felt that now that I knew more about Europe during the Holocaust, I wanted to visualize the point of view of a survivor through a very successful film. Szpilman had many relationships in his hometown one which was specifically special was his friendship with a woman named Dorota. He grows an attraction to her, but they are limited in what they can do together because of the laws set forth by the Nazi government. For example, Szpilman wanted to sit at a restaurant with her, but the door had a sign

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