The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

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Thesis-In The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, main character, Dorian Gray , in his times of greatest pain chooses to focus only on what is beautiful which leads to his death and shows that beauty obscures reality. Dorian Gray's romantic interest, Sibyl kills herself after an altercation with Dorian; he looks at the nature around him to avoid the reality of the suicide that he has caused. Dorian first sees Sibyl when she acts at a rundown and low quality theater. She acts as many characters from several of Shakespeare’s plays, such as Juliet, Imogen, and Ophelia from Romeo and Juliet, Cymbeline, and Hamlet. Dorian immediately is enamored with Sibyl; her acting ability awes him. Dorian proposes to Sibyl, but after a performance her and Dorian mercilessly fight with each other. Later after the argument, Sibyl kills herself. Dorian’s friend Lord Henry comes to Dorian’s home to inform him of her suicide. Lord Henry tells Dorian "'My letter-don't be frightened- was to tell you that Sibyl Vane is dead.'” and “ A cry of pain broke from the lad's[Dorian’s] lips, and he leaped to his feet, tearing his hands away from Lord Henry's grasp. 'Dead! Sibyl dead! It is not true! It is a horrible lie! How dare you say it?'"(Wilde 101). Dorian is taken aback and astounded to hear the news of the death of Sibyl. The alliteration “lad's lips, and he leaped” show the fluidity in which the actions occurred. The repetitive l sound shows that Dorian’s emotions happened at once because the
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